Unlocking Educational Innovation: Highlights from the 3-Day Learning, Teaching, and Training Activities in Dublin.

Highlights from the 3-Day Learning, Teaching, and Training Activities in Dublin.
Written by: Shelja and Artemis


Dublin recently became the vibrant backdrop for a three-day educational- Learning, Teaching, and Training Activities (LTTA) event, hosted by Eurospeak in the framework of the “Media Education for Aware Adults” -MEAA project. This gathering brought together 11 educators and trainers from the six partner organizations to explore innovative approaches and collaborative strategies in education. Let’s delve into the key highlights of each day, offering insights into the transformative learning experiences shared by participants.

Day 1: Collaborative Learning Initiatives

The inaugural day commenced with a warm welcome and an engaging ice-breaking activity facilitated by Eurospeak. This laid the foundation for a collaborative and participatory environment throughout the event. Innovation Hive took center stage, leading a session on Learning Pathways that prompted participants to uncover individual learning styles through practical activities. Acta followed with a compelling presentation on creating engaging and interactive courses, fostering teamwork in the development of an e-learning tool. Noteworthy was Petit Pas’s inventive use of the de Bono Six Thinking Hats method to reimagine educational robots. In group settings, participants were provided with activity handouts, promoting active engagement and the application of innovative thinking.

Participants enjoyed some free time in the city center of Dublin. Six participants had lunch together, and another six had a common dinner. During the meals, time for bonding and a relaxing conversation took place.

Day 2: Focused Discussions and Project Management

The second day of the LTTA event provided a deeper dive into project-specific discussions. Cuiablue presented an overview of the PR2- Handbook, addressing concerns about chapter distribution and setting clear deadlines for implementation and peer review. A significant part of the day was dedicated to the PR2 initiative for local training, targeting adults and adult educators. Detailed instructions for pilot testing were outlined, emphasizing the importance of creating copies of the questionnaire and maintaining English educational content for videos and images.

Collaborative activities continued, with each partner contributing to the development and presentation of their respective activities. Eurospeak, as the dissemination leader, shared insights into their strategy, work plan, and implementation tasks. Eurospeak also presented an activity on the CRAAP Test to stimulate critical thinking among learners.STP’s presentation on Personalized Learning and Growth, along with Cuiablue’s insights on Continuous Professional Development and Collaboration in Learning, enriched the discussions and provided practical takeaways.

Nine participants had the chance to experience a unique show titled “Celtic Nights”! While having dinner, they had the chance to listen to some traditional Irish music to get to know more about the specific Irish musical instruments, and they watched an astonishing show of Irish dancing. Four dancers—two girls and two boys—performed several different types of Irish dancing. It was a memorable night full of Irish culture!

Day 3: Project Updates and Future Endeavours

The final day commenced with a comprehensive project update by ACTA, covering project management, administrative aspects, reporting, documentation, and budget details. The release of PR3 guidelines was announced, and partners were reminded of the upcoming online meeting and the next Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) scheduled for Italy. The closing event plans for a Multiplier Event in October 2024 were unveiled, with partners encouraged to capture essential documentation for this anticipated in-person gathering.


Dublin’s LTTA event showcased the power of collaborative learning and innovative teaching methods. As educators and trainers continue to exchange ideas and best practices, the impact of these initiatives is expected to resonate across the educational landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as the journey unfolds towards the next TPM and beyond.

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