Digital and Media Education of Adult Educators

Author – Mariana Ratiu et al., 2023

Embarking on a groundbreaking journey into the realm of adult education, our latest blog post delves into the preliminary stages of a comprehensive research initiative conducted by our Romanian partner in the Erasmus+ “Media Education for Aware Adults” project. This research, focused on digital competencies and media education for adult educators or trainers, marks the inception of a transformative endeavor. The blog introduces the paper’s core elements, unraveling insights garnered from desk research and illuminating revelations from two pivotal focus group sessions. The first session targets the identification of crucial digital competencies for adult educators, while the second hones in on the indispensable elements educators require to effectively support adults in their learning journeys, particularly within the digital landscape. These foundational findings lay the groundwork for the project’s principal intellectual outputs, which encompass a digital competencies framework, handbook, online platform, and training materials—each meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs uncovered in the initial research. Stay tuned as we navigate the intersection of education, digital literacy, and sustainable development throughout this groundbreaking project. To read the complete blog, the download link is available at the bottom.

Digital and Media Education of Adult Educators
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