Media Education for Aware Adults


About The Project

Our Goal

Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff.

Project Objectives

Improve the level of skills of 120 adult educators

Enhance basic skills such as, ICT, digital problem solving, Creativity and communication of adults

Increasing the responsible behavior of the teachers working with SEN students towards online education and/or using ICT in education

Facilitate access of 180 adults to informal learning opportunities

Enhance the capacity of 60 adult organizations to support appropriately adults, in their ongoing learning process exchange of experiences

Who will benefit?

Target Group

LTTA in Dublin, Ireland, from 23-25th January 2024

Teacher training images

A 3-day training, aimed at 12 participants, will happen in Dublin in January 2024, which will kick off the cascade effect on the territories because it will focus on the use of the main results of the project and on the shared design and creation of highly engaging practical activity scenarios to support our target group. The results of this international LTTA will be utilised in local LTTA to train educators and adults. The training will be attended by 2 representatives of each partner organisation.