A Comprehensive Guide on Implementing Local LTTA for Educators and Adults

In the era of rapid digitalisation and information overload, media literacy has become a critical skill for individuals of all ages. However, despite its importance, many adults, especially those with fewer opportunities, still lack adequate knowledge of media education and its practical implications in their lives. To address this gap, the Media Education for Aware Adults Project, inspired by the outcomes of an international LTTA hosted by Eurospeak, held in Dublin, has developed a comprehensive booklet containing suggestions, guidelines and workshop details on how to implement local training aimed at educators and adults tailored for educators and adult learners.

Meeting - LTTA for Educators and Adults - hosted by Eurospeak, held in Dublin

The Dublin International LTTA served as a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and best practices in media education. Participants from diverse backgrounds collaborated to develop and test activities aimed at enhancing media literacy among adults. Building upon the success of this international endeavour, the Media Education for Aware Adults Project aims to disseminate these results at the local level through tailored training sessions.

Our Booklet offers detailed guidelines for the implementation of local LTTA sessions, specifically designed for adult educators, facilitators, and volunteers. With a focus on reaching adults with fewer opportunities and limited media literacy skills, the guide provides practical insights and strategies to make media education accessible and engaging.

Meeting - LTTA for Educators and Adults - hosted by Eurospeak, held in Dublin - 2

Key Features:

The guide recognises the unique needs and challenges faced by adult learners with limited media literacy skills. It offers customised content and activities designed to resonate with their experiences and interests.

Recognising the importance of hands-on learning, the guide includes a variety of practical exercises and workshops. These activities are designed to strengthen critical thinking, digital skills, and media literacy competencies among participants.

To facilitate the implementation process, the guide provides access to resources, including multimedia materials, and discussion prompts. These resources are carefully curated to align with the learning objectives of each session.

Embracing a participatory approach, the guide encourages active engagement and collaboration among participants. Through group discussions, role-playing exercises, and peer-to-peer learning, participants are empowered to share their insights and experiences.

The implementation of local LTTA sessions represents a crucial step towards promoting media literacy and digital empowerment among adults. By utilising the insights and activities tested at the Dublin International LTTA, the Media Education for Aware Adults Project aims to equip educators and adult learners with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

Download the Guide:

For educators and organisations interested in implementing local LTTA sessions, the comprehensive guide is available for download on our website for free. Join us in empowering adults with the skills and confidence to thrive in the digital age.

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